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Advanced 3-D Lithography

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3-D Metal Micromachining


Biomedical Devices

Sensors in Agriculture

Who Are We?

The Nano Micro Electronics Laboratory is dedicated to advancing the state of the art of microfabrication and nanotechnology, with emphasis on new approaches to fabricate devices with characteristic lengths in the micro- to nanoscale from both silicon and non-silicon materials; and demonstrating these devices in multiple application spaces ranging from nano/micro power-electronics to energy storage, conversion, harvesting, RF-microwave and biomedical devices.


Why JK Lab?

3D Nano/Mico Fabrication

True 3D realization in nano/micro scale will impact a broad range of research area including power electronics, RF/microwave devices, and biomedical structures.

Smart Technology

Find an engineering solution for simple and fast process development

Multidisciplinary Research

The state-of-art technology will be the bridge among power electronic, biomedical, and RF/microwave device and system as a integrated unit.